The 3D Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit organization which seeks to improve the lives of children with unique learning styles on the autistic spectrum through creative and innovative approaches. The organization was founded in 2015 by Derrick D. Dixon who was inspired to help children with unique learning styles and their parents after years of searching for similar types of services and support for his eldest son, Kortez. His desire to compile resources for autistic children in a one stop shop has made a positive impact on parents who often find it frustrating to obtain access to the resources needed to help their children succeed in life.

The organization has remained active in the community for the last four years by hosting multiple educational workshops such as “Recharge Seminars” for parents which encourages self-care and our annual fashion show fundraiser, “Stomp the Runway for Autism.” Supporting parents, families, students and schools is at the heart of the foundation and although based in Baltimore, Maryland, the 3D Foundation has taken the show along with the message of inclusion and acceptance of all children to multiple cities in the United States. We are looking for partners like you to help expand the vision and champion the message of inclusion and acceptance for all children.

   Motto: Enhance your perception. See yourself in 3D!