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Derrick Durrell Dixon

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Autism spectrum disorder (or ASD) is distinguished by a wide variation of social, communication, and cyclical behaviors that are considered somewhat out of character for children.

Every autistic individual will experience these symptoms differently, and on a mild to severe spectrum. However, the following are some of the behaviors are considered common early warning symptoms of autism in children… Disconnection to Others, Indifferent to Human Interaction, Emotional Outbursts, Delayed Language Development........

Enhance your perception and see yourself in 3D, Where we specialize in supporting autistic children and families.

Derrick Durrell Dixon is the founder and CEO of the non-profit, the 3D Foundation which works to improve the lives of children with unique learning styles in the inner city through creative and innovative approaches. Currently a resident of Baltimore, MD, Derrick is a proud father of three sons, whom he adopted as a single father. A model,  playwright, director, producer, actor, and

 author who decided to shift his focus to Autism awareness to honor his eldest son, Kortez. Derrick also is the founder of 3DDD Productions, 3D Gear, and Helping Brothers out, a radio podcast show.

Born in Frankfurt Germany, Derrick always excelled at the arts. He attended the performing arts school Loretta Heights College in Denver, Colorado. There he studied dance, acting and singing. After college, he started a career in the airline industry. During his career with the airlines he always found time to pursue his dreams by auditioning for plays, commercials and videos.  He has written three major plays, Same Script Different Cast, Wounded and Rags to Riches (Watch what you ask for).  He has appeared on drama television shows on BET, TV One and local commercials in Maryland and Texas. Derrick also has written three books all available on Amazon and Barnes and noble, “Sit your dumb ass down” a comedy based on his life as a flight attendant, and the most recent, “The Whole Truth and nothing but the truth”.

In 2006, Derrick adopted Kortez and his life changed for the better. As Kortez began to mature, Derrick witnessed firsthand some of the challenges that he experienced daily as a child with Autism. Faced with the desire to be more hands on with Kortez, he decided to retire from the airline industry after 28 years. In 2014, Derrick released the book “Don't Call Me Different, I Just Do It Differently,” which is based on his experience. The book offers a window into the mind of a functioning Autistic child. This book is good for children as well as adults interested in learning about autism and seizure disorders.

Derrick soon combined his passion for Autism awareness and his love of fashion to create "Stomp the Runway for Autism," a charity fashion show to support children with unique learning styles in the Baltimore City and Baltimore County Public School Systems. This endeavor led to the emergence of the 3D Foundation which is working to support not only the students, but parents and families through educational workshops.

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