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This course is a comprehensive online course created to enrich those interested in a more in depth understanding of the autistic learner. This course is structured and assessed for completion. Click Below to Learn More!

Life Skills For Autistic Families and Educators

For Educators ONLY

The 3D Foundation offers online courses and workshops to support parents, families, and educators to gain additional insight on how to understand their autistic child, with everyday coping skills, and other helpful tips. See below which session may work for you!

Each Year We Sponsor Schools within the United States to train their school personnel on how to properly care for and understand Autistic Learners and Children. To Register your school, click the link below,.

The 3D Foundation, Inc.

This course study is for self study. The purpose of this workbook is to provide a sneak peak into the life of an autistic individual. The following persons who could benefit from this workbook:

- Relatives

- Neighbors

- Sitters

Stomp the Runway for Autism

Houston, TX  June 6, 2020

Philly, Pa 2021

New York, NY 2022

Miami, Fl 2023

New Orleans, La 2024

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Enhance your perception and see yourself in 3D, Where we specialize in supporting autistic children and families.

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ReNay Newman

LGSW Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Libra Hicks

CEO and Founder of "Our Children's Story"

Sybil Burroughs-Cornish

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